Amtryke Presentations – September 2022

Curtis and Marian Stubbs traveled to Hutchinson on September 26 to deliver an Amtryke to Jeremiah. He is a delightful little boy with multiple challenges, including impaired vision. Jeremiah and his mother look forward to exercising together in their neighborhood. 

On September 28, Curtis and Marian delivered an Amtryke in Goddard. Lakyn had ridden an Amtryke at school, so she and her family were thrilled to receive the tryke after waiting more than a year due to supply chain issues. As her siblings took turns pushing her tryke around the driveway, Lakyn’s big smile said it all!

Deanna, a Newton resident, received her new Amtryke on September 30. After a minor adjustment, she got on the tryke and gave it a trial run and a thumbs up! Her daughter Mia also wanted to give it a try. Deanna looks forward to riding for exercise and strength-building.